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Abalone Solitaire creates the new Actively Managed Certificates on Cryptocurrencies

The universe of cryptocurrencies meets traditional finance thanks to Actively Managed Certificates (AMC). Abalone Solitaire, a Swiss company of the Abalone Group, has created the new AMCs dedicated to the Crypto world, alternative actively managed financial products, with which it is able to provide exposure to up to 82% of the entire Crypto universe while guaranteeing stability and performance.

The development and use of two diversified management strategies and the advisory relationship with Young Platform, an Italian institution in the world of Crypto – a fully regulated exchange with distinguished investors – have enabled it to achieve excellent results in terms of risk/return ratio, based on the past 16 months of real activity.

To date, the world of cryptocurrency-related financial products has been dominated by the offer of passively managed products, which use traditional ‘buy and hold’ style approaches, catering to an unsophisticated demand, populated by operators (private and institutional) with a level of understanding of the asset that is generally still partial.

As a result, operators such as 21Shares or WisdomTree have emerged and grown rapidly, capable of satisfying this demand and, secondarily, favoring the self-definition of new customer clusters, more complex in some respects, and certainly with different objectives from the previous ones.

Today, times have definitely changed, there has been dynamic growth in terms of maturity and experience of clients and this is highlighting the need to offer different products, which use active strategies in the management of Crypto portfolios, which are able to minimize risks while ensuring the levels of growth typical of the sector in question.

Abalone Solitaire’s AMC is characterized by the use of active management on the one hand, and on the other by the opportunities offered by the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) world in terms of analytical selection of projects capable of producing stable and guaranteed returns through staking.

The coexistence and integration of these two components within a financial product such as the Actively Managed Certificate allow us to offer clients an innovative approach to crypto management with strong risk and volatility management component.