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Wealth management

We help our clients to navigate changing market environments, so that they can confidently realize their long-term life objectives. By combining robust capital markets research, expert portfolio construction and comprehensive risk management, Abalone Suisse SA is able to craft innovative and efficient investment solutions. Our robust investment capabilities span all markets and asset classes, from passive and risk-factor to fundamental active, multi-asset class and multi-manager strategies, delivered in multiple vehicles.

Advisory services

Exploiting the strong scientific and technological know-how developed in house, Abalone Suisse SA provides consulting and advisory services to corporations, professional asset managers and financial institutions. Abalone Suisse SA acts as a supplier of complex mathematical and quantitative models to develop efficient portfolios management strategies, optimization in cash flow management and powerful solutions, to reduce computational and operational costs in asset management activities.

Financial market analysis

We provide Financial & Markets Analysis, statistical models development and R&D in applied mathematics. In a challenging and increasingly complex world, the use of robust and a sophisticated quantitative work frame is a key factor, to be combined with traditional asset management strategies. We still see an increasing investor demand for quantitative investment strategies, which are purposefully built to help investors achieve targeted excess returns and avoid unintended risks: we keep strong focus on developing solutions that help our clients to achieve their specific objectives and our range of quantitative strategies is designed to support the specific requirements of each single client.

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