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Davide Chiantore – Abalone Solitaire Cryptocurrencies have been a much-debated topic in recent months and years. This type of asset has become very popular among investors, especially those of younger generation. Digital currencies are relatively speculative assets which can be divided into two main categories: those with a more stable and historical record, such as Bitcoin, and the more recent ones that

The cryptocurrency sector is particularly susceptible to the central bank and interbank interest rate movements, this is because they are on the outer edge of all that is a core investment, so both bonds and equities are considered a relatively aggressive asset, so their sensitivity and volatility is very high both geopolitical risks, financial risks, and especially rates.  In recent years, cryptocurrencies

Edoardo Grigione - Abalone Asset Management Ltd Abalone has introduced its business into the Italian market with the launch of the Abalone Asset Management’s branch in Milan at 15 Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The opening coincides with the re-opening of the “Salone del Risparmio”, a major event in the space of Italian networking happenings dedicated to the finance industry. Abalone is moreover planning

We find ourselves here today with Abalone Asset Management proudly sponsoring this wonderful event organized by Integrae SIM. It is an event that gives us the opportunity to once again meet our colleagues and friends face-to-face after two years spent communicating almost exclusively through technological platforms. These platforms have been of enormous help during this pandemic, but they have also

The universe of cryptocurrencies meets traditional finance thanks to Actively Managed Certificates (AMC). Abalone Solitaire, a Swiss company of the Abalone Group, has created the new AMCs dedicated to the Crypto world, alternative actively managed financial products, with which it is able to provide exposure to up to 82% of the entire Crypto universe while guaranteeing stability and performance. The development