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Davide Vicini introduces Abalone Venture Partners

The establishment of Abalone Venture Partners came out of the need and opportunity to invest in the shares of companies before they are listed, while ensuring that the selected companies are well-known, well-established and have strong potential.
The strength of Abalone Venture Partners is its access to extraordinary investment opportunities. As has been the case in the recent past, ABVP has been able to buy shares in leading names before they are listed, some of which include Coin Base, NuBank, Kraken, Palantir, Dnanudge, Public and Upgrade.

Abalone’s network is fundamental to this model, which is based on using exclusive channels to gain client access to very popular companies, with a timeframe that can range from 16 to 18 months prior to the official listing itself.

Given the large sums of money required to access these types of investments, which are difficult if not prohibitive for many operators in Europe, the investment opportunity is made possible thanks to ABVP’s coverage of minimum entry fees. This allows our partner investors to participate in these pre-IPO operations.

This is a new business model in the Abalone Group’s landscape, which is typically very focused on alternative investments, and in general, identifies a new investment methodology in the Venture Capital field. We are selecting companies that have already exceeded one billion in valuation, have a proven business model and have the objective of reaching a liquidity event through stock exchanges.

Over the last two years, ABVP’s activity has been focused on American pre-IPOs, a trend that will continue in the near future with a keen eye on the same dynamics on European markets, since these European realities have seen an increase in listing activity and liquidity “excitement”. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and foresee opportunities related to listings of well-known companies, ready to approach an initial public offering process.

Abalone Venture Partners aims to consolidate its position in the American and European markets as an investment boutique in pre-IPO deals and in the secondary market, “importing” to Europe a model that has widely been successful America and has proved to be a sustainable and innovative approach to opportunities once reserved for a few monopolistic players.