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Digital Asset League Fund

3 classes

The Sub-Fund intends to attain its Investment Objective by investing in listed or unlisted collective investment schemes, such as alternative investment funds, professional funds, undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities and other investment funds. In particular such collective investment schemes (i) may be domiciled either in EU or else-where, (ii) shall be regulated according to the law of their home jurisdiction or unregulated and (iii) may be either open ended collective investment schemes or closed ended collective investment schemes. The collective investment schemes, the certificates, the notes and the interests in which the Sub-Fund might invest in, shall in turn invest in different crypto currencies, instruments linked to, or indexes related to, crypto currencies. In addition, such collective in-vestment schemes, certificates, notes and the interests may be exposed to blockchain-related equities, such as, without limitation, companies involved in dig-ital asset mining, blockchain and digital asset trans-actions, block-chain applications or which provide software services.

Fund data

Class A SharesClass B SharesClass C Shares
Inception dateApril 4, 2022April 4, 2022April 4, 2022
Investment Minimums€ 100,000CHF 100,000$ 100,000
Subsequent investment€ 10,000CHF 10,000$ 10,000
Minimum Initial Subscription€ 100,000CHF 100,000$ 100.000
Minimum Additional Subscription€ 10,000CHF 10,000$ 10,000
Minimum Holding€ 100,000CHF 100,000$ 100,000

Monthly performance