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The Abalone Group is an international financial hub, specialising in individual and collective management services, cutting-edge financial engineering, planning and investment solutions.

About us

Founded in 2015 by Roberto Colapinto, the Abalone Group includes 3 investment companies offering widespread service coverage in Europe, providing jurisdictional services in Malta, Luxembourg, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Whilst Abalone Asset Management specializes in the management and distribution of investment funds, Abalone Solitaire is a traditional wealth manager and offers financial engineering solutions for professional clients, developing also quantitative strategies; Abalone Services operates in the legal and financial structuring field, with a particular focus on European investment funds and securitization vehicles.

The Group

Our Group includes over 35 professionals with twenty years of
experience in the main international investment banks. Strategic partner for professional investors, the Group offers individual and collective management services, financial advisory, planning
and investment solutions.

With a streamlined and dynamic structure capable of adapting to complex market scenarios, the Abalone group has the ambition to become an international finance hub where skills and passion become the trade union for a qualified and professional service.

Our Companies


Abalone Asset Management

A European Investment Fund platform and incubator, independently operating in the international financial market


Abalone Solitaire

Delivering a comprehensive set of Wealth Management services to individuals, families and institutional clients


Abalone Services

A Company Service Provider that provides regulatory, operational, legal and advisory services to an international clientele


Abalone Venture Partners

The new pre-IPO boutique in the European market, preparing companies for IPO using an established strategic network and deal management process.

Our mission is to help clients achieve their goals and feel confident about their financial future, to provide quality services and maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

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Davide Chiantore on the Ukrainian grain crisis and the rise of Inflation

The long-lasting war between Russia and Ukraine shows no sign of ending, the more time passes, the more we see a continuous evolution on the war scenario. The latest weapon that has entered the field in this latest phase is that of wheat and, more generally, foodstuffs such as sunflower oil and soya, which are produced in Ukraine. Russia at […]

Davide Vicini introduces Abalone Venture Partners

The establishment of Abalone Venture Partners came out of the need and opportunity to invest in the shares of companies before they are listed, while ensuring that the selected companies are well-known, well-established and have strong potential. The strength of Abalone Venture Partners is its access to extraordinary investment opportunities. As has been the case in the recent past, ABVP […]

Davide Chiantore on Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency sector is particularly susceptible to the central bank and interbank interest rate movements, this is because they are on the outer edge of all that is a core investment, so both bonds and equities are considered a relatively aggressive asset, so their sensitivity and volatility is very high both geopolitical risks, financial risks, and especially rates.  In recent years, […]

Interview to Edoardo Grigione at the “Salone del Risparmio”

Edoardo Grigione – Abalone Asset Management Ltd Abalone has introduced its business into the Italian market with the launch of the Abalone Asset Management’s branch in Milan at 15 Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The opening coincides with the re-opening of the “Salone del Risparmio”, a major event in the space of Italian networking happenings dedicated to the finance industry. Abalone is […]