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Creating future value.

We reduce risk by investing with a transparent, rigorous and independent approach


Abalone Asset Management LTD is an European Investment Fund platform and incubator, independently operating in the international financial market, and aiming to conserve and increase capital in the medium / long term, reduce risk and contain volatility. We support our clients in investment decisions with a transparent, rigorous and independent approach and we constantly select the most advantageous and interesting financial products for the investor.


Abalone Asset Management LTD provides investment management, risk management and distribution services for investment funds from Malta. Our team deals with wealth managers, family offices, distributors, start-ups, hedge funds and investment managers to create and run dedicated investment funds and solutions across Europe.

Our Team

José Luis Villar Martín

CO and MLRO of Abalone Asset Management and Abalone Services

Jose has been working in the Maltese investment Services Industry since 2014, joining Custom House as Legal Officer. Then, he moved to the Capital Markets Department at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates. Before joining Abalone Asset Management in 2019, he has served as Senior Legal and Compliance Officer at Apex Fund Services (Malta) Limited. He holds a bachelor’s in Law by the University Carlos III de Madrid and a master’s degree in International Relations with major studies Business internationalization by the Diplomatic School of Spain.

Roberto Colapinto

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Abalone Solitaire

Founder of all companies of Abalone group, Roberto helds several important roles in his working experience. In 2013 he was Head of Regional Coverage responsible for Southern Europe and Latin America for Credit Agricole and in 2007 he served as General Manager Edmond de Rothschild Europe for Milan branch.

Andrea Maria Vittorio Venturini

Director of Abalone Services, CEO of Abalone Asset Management and COO of Abalone Capital

Andrea started his career in the real estate sector as a private property manager, later he became Financial Controller in a certification body for public contractors. Once graduated at the Bocconi University, he got the Ph.D. in Statistics and Applied Mathematics to Economics and a Second Level Master in Finance at the University of Turin.

Edoardo Grigione

Board Member and Italian Branch Manager of Abalone Asset Management

Edoardo is an expert in financial markets, with strong commercial and technical skills, able to create solid business relationships, with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry for more than 20 years. Strong institutional sales skills and network development. Business vision, technical competencies, and hard work are the 3 key factors in his professional life.

Giuseppe Ghezzi

Portfolio Manager

With nearly 40 years of experience within capital markets, Giuseppe's trading structure runs mainly through arbitraged hedged-option equity volatility positionig among the time curve,call warrant or option-hedged portfolio on single names, event driven, special situation (capital issue, convertible arbitrage)

Paul Magro

Board Member of Abalone Asset Management

Dr Paul Magro has been involved in the financial services industry for over a decade across various segments. After completing his PhD in Finance at the University of Bangor in 2013 he founded RiskCap. He is considered to be one the leading professionals in Malta within Risk Management and Compliance. Dr Magro has been engaged to sit on boards, act as the risk manager and compliance officer to various financial services firms. Also being engaged on project-related tasks with implementation of governance/risk management/compliance frameworks.

Stefano Sabbatini

Group CRO

Stefano started his career in Mercer as Investment Analyst. Thereafter he joined Abalone Asset Management as Risk Analyst. Stefano holds a Second Level Master in Finance from Collegio Carlo Alberto and a Master’s degree (Hons) in Finance from the University La Sapienza of Rome.

Lorenzo Savi

Board Member of Abalone Asset Management and Abalone Services

More than 20 years of experience in Corporate and Investment banking gained in London, Milan, Luxembourg, Singapore and Stockholm. Lorenzo has been appointed to numerous senior risk management roles such as Industrial Conglomerate Sodrugestvo, BBVA, BOFA, Rabobank, JP Morgan, Jefferies Bache.

Riccardo Teodori

Board member of Abalone Capital, Abalone Services and Chairman of Abalone Asset Management, CIO of Abalone Asset Management

Since 2014 he was managing partner of Nord Credit, an Italian company specialized in financial analysis and negotiation with banking institutions. He has over 6 years experience as quantitative professional trader developing mechanical trading strategies. Since 2012 he has acted as director, investment committee member and portfolio manager of a number of funds in Malta.

Ilaria De Paulis

Group CFO

Ilaria De Paulis started her career at Abalone Asset Management Ltd as Administrative Assistant. Ilaria holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration from the LUMSA University.



Abalone Asset Management currently manages over 20 investment funds, among which liquid and illiquid alternative strategies, investing in real asset and private equity, and UCITS funds.


Management Company

The group’s core business is to act as a Third Party to service UCITS and AIFMD funds. We enable customers to maintain minimal substance as we are responsible for risk management, compliance with relevant legislation, distribution administration, while the delegated investment manager can remain the client, so that he will focus on his core business and generate performance for the end customers. Our direct clients are Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Asset Managers, Distributors, Closed End Funds, Start Up Hedge Funds.


Distribution is the key success factor for an investment fund. Abalone assists clients in implementing a successful distribution strategy. This service is based on our ability to establish distribution agreements across several European markets and it is remunerated on a revenue sharing basis. Our main clients are Asset Managers.


We organise seeding solutions for your start-up hedge funds in exchange of equity participations. We seed only portfolio managers with proven track record and raise capital through our extensive network of contacts in the Wealth Management and Family Office space. Our main clients are Start ups and Hedge Funds.

Capital Introduction

Our services help clients meet potential investors. Given our extensive network in the Wealth Management and Family Office space, we match your capabilities with investor's needs and help you grow Assets Under Management over time. This service is rendered only to top performing managers. Our main clients are Closed End Funds, Start Ups and Hedge Funds.

Investment Management

We act as Investment Manager for your funds, with you acting as Advisor. We can provide this service to Asset Allocators and Quantative Managers or Real Estate and Private Equity funds. Our main clients are Closed End Funds.

Risk Management

We can provide advanced risk management services to your Investment Funds or Asset Management companies, on an outsourcing basis. Our services include financial risk, market risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, liquidity risk and operational risk. Our main clients are Asset Managers.

Regulations & Compliance

Best Execution

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