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Innovation Across Industries

GNB Abalone Capital

GNB Abalone Capital AG is a Swiss private equity investment, project finance and family office firm. We are a sister company of Abalone Group AG, an independent international financial group, specialised in individual and collective management services, cutting-edge financial engineering, planning and investment solutions, also present in Switzerland, Dubai, Italy and Malta via its regulated subsidiaries.
GNB Abalone Capital operates in the MENA region with a special focus on Saudi Arabia. Our diversified skills and portfolio of operating sectors build sustainable value for our clients.


GNB Abalone Capital owns patents, licenses, technologies, and processes in various industries such as Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, and Real Estate Development, along with Fintech, Mining, Education, and Event Conception and Management, as well as in the field of renewable energy and asset protection. In this context, we are involved in various promising projects. Projects that transform the future into today.

Investments in hand-picked sectors and fields



GNB Abalone Capital develops, structures financing, and operates high-tech innovative, and efficient vertical farming. We participate in the creation of a sustainable agricultural economy so that businesses and the cultivation of specific crops experience persistent growth.

Urban Infrastructure

GNB abalone Capital contributes to tomorrow’s urban economy and boosts infrastructure and the city’s social fabric. As a private equity company, we facilitate growth, project development, and finance structuring.


Empowering clients across diverse sectors, we specialize in facilitating global-scale remittance and cross-border payments. Harnessing the power of the latest Web3 platform, our solutions promise swifter, highly secure, seamless, and economically viable digital services.

Technology Transfer

Empowering Technology Transfer Across Continents, our mission is to streamline the transfer of technology from Europe and North America to the MENA region.

Gold Stream

In a gold streaming arrangement, a streaming company provides upfront financing to a gold mining company in exchange for the right to purchase a specified amount of future gold production at a predetermined price, or a discounted market price.

Asset Digitalization

Our comprehensive one-stop-shop services cater to every aspect of asset digitalization for our valued clients. Leveraging advanced tokenization technology, we empower you to effortlessly create digital securities representing a diverse range of underlying assets.

Sport Management

With expertise in sports Talent Sourcing across diverse age groups, we excel in pinpointing and recruiting promising soccer players.

BRICS Commodities

At GNB ABALONE CAPITAL AG we redefine international trade. Embark on a journey with our dynamic BRICS Commodities Trading Desk. We’re the go-to experts for sourcing, financing, and trading vital commodities within BRICS nations and beyond.

Art Finance

Our expertise lies in delivering groundbreaking solutions for the acquisition and divestment of iconic art masterpieces.

and steering promising markets to generate long-lasting value

We are committed to sustainability in our investment decisions. In addition to a sustainable approach, our investment philosophy is based on getting in early. Our investment ideas generate value and increase wealth for future generations.