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Innovation Across Industries

We are at the forefront of innovation, owning patents, licenses, and cutting-edge technologies spanning Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Real Estate Development, Fintech, Mining, Education, and Event Management.

Our expertise extends into renewable energy and asset protection, driving projects that redefine the future. Join us in transforming tomorrow, today.


GNB Abalone Capital develops, structures financing, and operates high-tech innovative, and efficient vertical farming. We participate in the creation of a sustainable agricultural economy so that businesses and the cultivation of specific crops experience persistent growth.

We specialize in conceiving, financing, and managing state-ofthe- art vertical farming solutions. Our mission is to foster a sustainable agricultural ecosystem, ensuring continuous growth for businesses and the cultivation of specific crops. Our range of indoor cultivation options encompasses container farming (branded as ‘Farm Box’), compact to expansive plant factories, and fully automated, controlled greenhouses. Our integration of vertical farming with renewable energy sources, storage solutions, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure sets us apart.

This holistic approach offers consumers a seamless experience, granting them access to sustainable energy, EV charging, and fresh green produce. Moreover, our Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) farm boxes operate independently of the national grid, making them eligible for valuable carbon credits. Additionally, we provide turnkey solutions for utility-scale smart vertical farming, known as the Micro Module Plant Factory. This cutting-edge innovation further solidifies our commitment to revolutionizing agriculture, ensuring efficiency and sustainability on a large scale.

Infrastructure and Real Estate

GNB abalone Capital contributes to tomorrow’s urban economy and boosts infrastructure and the city’s social fabric. As a private equity company, we facilitate growth, project development, and finance structuring.

At GNB Abalone Capital, we stand hand in hand with distinguished main contractors and engineering firms allied strategically with us. We take pride in owning advanced technologies for roads, pre-cast facilities, and cutting-edge building materials. In addition, our visionary think tank team specializes in crafting innovative themes for real estate projects. Their expertise is dedicated to not only maximizing the project’s value but also ensuring optimal cost efficiency. With us, your vision is bound for unparalleled success.


Empowering clients across diverse sectors, we specialize in facilitating global-scale remittance and cross-border payments. Harnessing the power of the latest Web3 platform, our solutions promise swifter, highly secure, seamless, and economically viable digital services.

We serve both B2C and B2B clientele. Our overarching mission is to enable clients and members to conduct instant global transactions at a fraction of prevailing market costs. With state-of-the-art technology at our core, we offer a suite of value-added FinTech services tailored for asset managers, brokerdealers, and lenders in the commodities trading sector


In a gold streaming arrangement, a streaming company provides upfront financing to a gold mining company in exchange for the right to purchase a specified amount of future gold production at a predetermined price, or a discounted market price.

This type of agreement can be beneficial for both parties. Harnessing the potential of overlooked resources, we specialize in tailings streaming contracts for gold recovery. By providing upfront financing to tailings treatment operations, we secure the right to purchase a specified amount of gold extracted from existing mining residues. This innovative approach not only revitalizes previously considered waste material but also offers a reliable source of gold production.

With a focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, our tailings streaming contracts present a lower-risk avenue for both funding providers and tailings treatment entities. Through careful negotiation, we tailor agreements to suit the unique needs of each project, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership that maximizes the potential of tailings reprocessing. We initiate, structure finance, and manage gold streaming contracts focusing on mining assets in North America and plan to expand globally.


Empowering Technology Transfer Across Continents, our mission is to streamline the transfer of technology from Europe and North America to the MENA region.

Through strategic partnerships with technology incubators, universities, and research centers, we offer a dynamic platform for technology development and capital raising to fuel business growth. Our calendar of events, webinars, conferences, and educational courses stands out for its exceptional participant quality and groundbreaking innovations.


Our comprehensive one-stop-shop services cater to every aspect of asset digitalization for our valued clients. Leveraging advanced tokenization technology, we empower you to effortlessly create digital securities representing a diverse range of underlying assets.

This includes, but is not limited to, real estate, agricultural and livestock holdings, gemstones, fine arts, precious metals, and more. Our cutting-edge technology addresses critical banking and financial sector requirements, providing a robust framework for blockchain-based compliance management and an extensive toolkit for financial securitization on the blockchain. Through tokenization, the inherent value of tangible assets—such as company shares, financial instruments, real estate, automotive holdings, trees, animals, and more—is transformed into tokens securely maintained on a blockchain.

This facilitates digital ownership and seamless transferability. Each divisible token signifies a fractional ownership stake in the digitalized assets. Furthermore, we extend the opportunity for companies to tokenize traditional instruments like shares or bonds, facilitating direct sales to investors while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards. This signifies that your business is not confined to conventional banking channels for funding. Instead, you can position your company as an attractive investment opportunity for a global audience of potential investors. Embrace the future of finance with our expert asset digitalization solutions.


With expertise in sports Talent Sourcing across diverse age groups, we excel in pinpointing and recruiting promising soccer players.

Facilitating Capital Acquisition for Soccer Clubs: We simplify the process of securing vital funding for clubs to prosper and succeed.
Orchestrating Sponsorships with Premier Corporations: We facilitate collaborations with top-tier companies to secure sponsorships for clubs.

Commodities Desk

At GNB ABALONE CAPITAL AG we redefine international trade. Embark on a journey with our dynamic BRICS Commodities Trading Desk. We’re the go-to experts for sourcing, financing, and trading vital commodities within BRICS nations and beyond.

Our transactions are as transparent as they come, backed by unwavering compliance with international standards. Our Trade solutions revolutionize currency optimization, allowing suppliers and buyers to trade in their currencies against global standards. Transparency and compliance with international regulations are our cornerstones. Gain exclusive access to a select group of global suppliers with a proven track record. We collaborate only with accredited clients and top-tier trading Brokers. From strategic grains to eco-conscious biofuels. Seize the moment, seize the commodity, seize the future with us!


Our expertise lies in delivering groundbreaking solutions for the acquisition and divestment of iconic art masterpieces.

Through the utilization of advanced AI tools and a comprehensive database containing historical data on all recognized pieces, we have the ability to transform your illiquid assets into a fluid, easily tradable form. Discover the power of leveraging technology and art history with us.