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The future of fuels is at the center of discussions in the European Union, and it's clear that significant changes are on the horizon. From 2035, vehicles with diesel or petrol engines will no longer be permitted, and two alternatives are being considered to replace these fuels: e-fuels and biofuels. While Germany has already reached an agreement with the EU

After the United States, it's now Europe's turn. The failure of Silicon Valley Bank was just the beginning. This time, a Swiss bank is caught up in the storm: Credit Suisse. Let us explain what happened and the potential domino effect with Davide Chiantore, Head of Research at Abalone Solitaire. On March 8th, 2021, Credit Suisse announced that it had suffered

  Italy, known as "Il Belpaese," is not self-sufficient in terms of energy, but it has great potential for developing renewable energy sources. According to Davide Chiantore, Head of Research at Abalone Solitaire, the issue of nuclear power also needs to be carefully evaluated. Italy is highly dependent on energy imports, mainly from Russia and Algeria. In 2020, Italy's energy dependency rate

A new agreement has been reached between the United Kingdom and the European Union regarding post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been instrumental in negotiating this agreement, which has the potential to impact both the UK and the EU in significant ways. However, not everyone is pleased with this new agreement. Some believe that it

One year after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the economic consequences of this ongoing crisis continue to impact the world. The conflict has had a significant impact on the energy sector, leading to a rise in the cost of energy and increased prices for raw materials. As a result, inflation is also on the rise, and

The European Union's Council of Economics and Finance has added Russia to the Blacklist, which is a list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. But what does it mean to be included in this "blacklist"? Does Russia really pose a fiscal concern, or is its inclusion in the blacklist an instrument used by the European Union to deal with the

The World Economic Forum 2023 is coming to an end. Many issues have been addressed by the great world powers, few concrete solutions have been found. The analysis of the issues put on the table in Davos is by Davide Chiantore, Head of research of Abalone Solitaire

Costs too high for Italians. Codacons estimates that in 2023 each household will spend an average of 2,435 euros more than in 2022. #Inflation and higher prices on raw materials remain very critical. Read more about the last analysis by Davide Chiantore, head of research at Abalone Solitaire.

The increase in interest rates by the ECB is reflected in mortgage payments. Floating rate on one side, fixed rate on the other. But what scenarios lie ahead for the future? Will the European Central Bank continue to raise interest rates? The analysis is by Davide Chiantore, Head of Research of Abalone Solitaire