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Recent weeks have seen some major rebounds in equity markets, especially in certain sectors such as US tech. This suggests that optimism is slowly returning among investors. Therefore, it could be cautiously thought that a period of stability is coming about, with a potential recovery phase ahead, at least in the short- to medium-term. A realignment of prices is being seen in

Last week the European Central Bank surprisingly raised rates by 50 basis-points. This is a higher increase than expected, but the market did not react particularly badly. The strong balance sheets that multinationals are presenting, in terms of revenue growth, turnover and profits, will help to offset the rate hike that the ECB is going to aggressively pursue. As far as

In recent weeks inflation indices have reached new heights, an example of which in the US is the year-on-year CPI that has hit 9.1%. This indicates that Central Banks will tend to be more aggressive in raising rates in the near future. A slowdown in economic growth in the coming years could be brought on by a reduction in yields in

The weak market scenario which is currently being experienced can be highly impacted with the rise in Covid cases. At present, the great fear is that the Chinese government may impose an extended lockdown again which would have a negative impact on production, right at a time when there has been an easing in the shortage of industrial components. With

Sickness, war and famine are three of the ten plagues in the Bible's Exodus. In less than two years, the whole world has had to come to terms with these three phenomena. These kinds of events, unfortunately, are part of the natural cyclical nature of humanity. From the writing of the Bible's Exodus until today, there are two factors that characterize

After the intervention of the ECB and Christine Lagarde, markets were calmed down by the announcement of a plan to contain spreads in Europe. We saw a rise in bond prices and a fall in yields, especially on the European government side. This is expected to continue especially on the dollar portion of bond issues, as expectations of rate hikes

Recent weeks have seen a relatively strong trend in the markets, which could eventually lead to a stabilization. The reason for which lies in the fact that fears of a slowdown in economic growth can cause falling inflation. This situation could actually encourage Central Banks to take a less aggressive stance because they prioritize keeping inflation low while being attentive

Recently there has been a very delicate situation going on in the European Bond markets. As the ECB was unable to communicate its monetary policy choices elegantly and clearly to the market in a recent unsuccessful meeting, investors and the public at large were left feeling insecure and confused. This led to an explosion of yields on government bonds, particularly those

The cryptocurrency sector is particularly susceptible to the central bank and interbank interest rate movements, this is because they are on the outer edge of all that is a core investment, so both bonds and equities are considered a relatively aggressive asset, so their sensitivity and volatility is very high both geopolitical risks, financial risks, and especially rates.  In recent years, cryptocurrencies