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China as a world economic power. In recent years, the land of the dragon has made enormous strides, but the model that has worked so far seems to be in crisis. This is demonstrated by the protests that animate various areas of the country and which could create serious problems for the government of the Chinese People's Party. The analysis

Davide Chiantore, head of research at Abalone Solitaire comments on the end of Cop27 and the establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund. Despite the good intentions there is still a lot to do: it is not clear how this fund will be fed nor which countries will be able to benefit specifically from it. Furthermore, the World Bank may

In the United States, the mid-term elections saw the victory of the Democrats and this allowed for a change in international politics. In fact, Joe Biden, strengthened by the electoral result, met Xi Jinping at the G20 in Bali and with him tried to dictate a political line in relation to the Russian-Ukrainian war which, in different and various ways,

From Meta to Twitter, big techs announce mass layoffs: digital seems to no longer be a sector that creates new job opportunities. And the Twitter case seems to be the most controversial: the goal of its CEO Elon Musk seems to be to make the platform the most authoritative source of information in the world. But at what price? The

The video is in Italian with automatically generated captions The Pope and Macron, the head of the CIA Burns and Putin: it seems that the policy of doves is also moving while the strategy of the hawks has brought the economies of half the world to their knees. What scenarios were opening up just a year ago when the planet was

The ecological transition is now a very urgent matter. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the resulting energy crisis have changed the priorities of states. Yet there are countries that still offer resistance. The analysis is by Davide Chiantore, research manager of Abalone Solitaire.

The 20th Congress of the CCP will open in Beijing on October 16. Xi Jinping will be able to remain leader for the third consecutive five-year term, after he amended the constitution and eliminated the two-term limit in 2018. But how are the markets reacting? The analysis is by Davide Chiantore, head of research at Abalone Solitaire.

Davide Chiantore, Head of Research at Abalone Solitaire, analyzes how world policies influence market trends. Never, as today, are geopolitical contexts reflected on the economies of countries: from the United States to Brazil, along with all of Europe

Last week the European Central Bank surprisingly raised rates by 50 basis-points. This is a higher increase than expected, but the market did not react particularly badly. The strong balance sheets that multinationals are presenting, in terms of revenue growth, turnover and profits, will help to offset the rate hike that the ECB is going to aggressively pursue. As far as

In recent weeks inflation indices have reached new heights, an example of which in the US is the year-on-year CPI that has hit 9.1%. This indicates that Central Banks will tend to be more aggressive in raising rates in the near future. A slowdown in economic growth in the coming years could be brought on by a reduction in yields in