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Mission of Love Malta

Support “Mission of Love” – A message from the chairman

I was up at night thinking I must post a Christmas greeting from Mission of Love but at 3am I started getting news that it was not a happy Christmas for the Ati of Boracay this morning as a typhoon has badly damaged many of their homes and one of the grandfathers of the tribe has been injured and had to be rushed to hospital. So sad after all the lovely parties and gifts the kids have enjoyed.

If anyone would like to help us help them restore their homes, we have set up a medical and emergency fund for sickness and calamities like these so please make a note ‘medical and emergency’ if you do. Thank you and despite the sad news we are thankful it wasn’t worse and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Revolut: +35679594166

Update: It’s not easy to communicate as Boracay electricity is down and not likely to be restored till end of January. About 20 of the Ati homes have been damaged and about 5 that I know of have been destroyed. We have sent some help already and are raising funds to help rebuild and restore their homes asap as many of them have no shelter. The typhoon locally known as Ursula has killed at least 28 people in the region and some are still missing. Every little bit helps so we welcome any donations.

Thank you